This project is the culmination of my own past experiences and the desire to help others who might be in the same situation. As a high school student, I had a very difficult time choosing a major and deciding what school to attend, so I ended up choosing something and hoping for the best. For some people, the process of trial and error might be necessary. For me, I think it was. However, if there was a way to help kids avoid the frustration and anxiety I felt applying to college, I would love to provide that for them. 

M O R E   A B O U T   C H A M E L E O N :

The target audience for this project includes several categories: high school students, their parents, their teachers, and businesses that would allow job shadowing. Chameleon needed to be appealing to high school students while also being able to present large amounts of information in an organized, simple manner. The color scheme originally was made up of various colors, but I eventually narrow it down to only teal. This was simpler visually and it encorporated the calm nature of blue and the growth of green in all at once.

The name Chameleon was chosen to represent the ability to adapt in almost any situation. The idea is that students using the app or website will be able to easily make the transition from high school to college by adapting to the many changes that come their way (with the help from the app.)

The typographic system uses Serifa Roman for titles and subtitles, with Frutiger Lt Std for the body text and most app buttons. These two fonts are easy to read, with round, open bowls. They also convey a sense of youth: Serifa through its slab serif personality, and Frutiger with its modern personality.  The app icon uses the letter C on its own, alluding to the curve of chameleon's tail with the curve.