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Below is a breakdown of my typical freelance process:

1. Getting to Know the Brand

Right off the bat, I typically like to ask my clients to describe what they are looking for their brand to say visually. If you had to choose only 3-5 words to describe what you want people to associate with your brand, what would they be? Some examples of some words that people have given me in the past are inviting, sophisticated, feminine, clean, casual, handmade, whimsical, youthful, eclectic, modern, etc. 

I’ve also had people send me inspirational quotes and song lyrics, so whatever works!

2. Making a Game Plan

Once I have a sense of the direction to take the brand, I like to make a game plan with my clients to make sure we are on the same page about everything that will be in the scope of the project. For example, most brand identity projects will include a color palette, typographic system, layout style, and typically also a logo and accompanying graphics. Creating a list of project needs helps us to get on the same page and it also allows me to generate a project estimate before getting started.

3. First Round of Designs

At this point, I get to work on our agreed upon design plan. Depending on the scope of the project, this may be a complete first draft, a series of design options, or a mid-way checkpoint. I share images with the client of the design work up to this point, and we discuss how to move forward — whether through editing, working through the remaining items on our list, or finalizing file formats to pass on to the client.

4. Edits

The next step in the process is to work through any edits, as agreed upon between myself and the client. Once the edits have been made, I share the updated design work with the client and we discuss how to move forward from this point. An agreed upon number of editing rounds is included in the base design price.

5. File Completion and Sharing

The last step in my design process is to transition all necessary files and information over to the client. At this point, the client has the rights to use and distribute the designs as part of their own brand identity. 

6. Optional: Print Orders 

As an optional service, I offer printed materials through my preferred printshop. The shop varies depending on the needs of the project, but my most frequently used printer for stationery products is Moo out of Providence. I charge per half hour of work for my services in addition to printing and shipping costs as listed on the website. 

Payment and Pricing:

My typical payment schedule is half due at the start of a project, and half upon completion. My rates vary based on the scope of a project, but I can usually work within a budget for most client needs. Contact me for estimates.