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TEACHING philosophy

As a professor of Graphic Design and Design Technology, I have several goals:

1. To help students understand the fundamentals of Graphic Design through traditional approaches to design theory, history, and practice;

2. To familiarize students with the context of today’s design landscape through contemporary industries and technologies;

3. To foster an emphasis on Graphic Design as communication by encouraging students to evaluate and design with audience, context, and delivery in mind;

4. To encourage resourcefulness in terms of building a practice of continued skills development beyond formal educational settings.

I believe that focusing on these goals can help students build a thoughtful approach to their creative practice and prepare them to succeed in their chosen areas of art and design. 

I believe that it is important for students to grapple with both the technical and theoretical aspects of graphic design. A foundation in design technology promises to become a powerful skillset, but without an understanding of principal and theory it can be difficult for students to create impactful work. With a foundation in design history and an awareness of contemporary challenges, students can build a well-rounded perspective of the field. It is my goal to prepare them for a broad range of careers in design and academia by balancing the pragmatic with the abstract. 

Since Graphic Design revolves around communication, I also believe that it is imperative to train students to become critical thinkers. Reflecting and questioning the manner in which content is presented fosters an awareness of the nuances of communicative design elements. Along the same lines, a fundamental component of a strong design education includes respectful dialogue and participation in class critiques. Engaged discourse encourages students to be perceptive of the impacts of audience, context, authorship, and voice, and prepares them for professional practice and indpendent research.

Finally, I hope to inspire my students to stay curious. Graphic Design has grown into the amazing field that it is because of the diversity of the people and projects involved. My wish for my students is to find their own unique voice and passion as designers. My own education opened my eyes in a way that forever changed my life, and I look forward to creating opportunities for my students to experience the same thing.


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