Not My Health, Not My Problem: Structural Book

This book was designed as a multi-faceted experience. The text features a scholarly article written by a medical doctor on the affects of infrasound from industrial wind turbines, which is followed by a personal essay that I wrote about my own experience with industrial wind turbines in a residential setting. The text and structure both pair the scientific with the emotional in effort to show that you cannot completely separate one from the other. As a metaphor to the politics of my town, which was divided between proponents and opponents of the turbines, I hand wrote direct quotes from residents of my neighborhood, the closest living residents to turbines of this scale in the country, and placed them at the core of the book. The placement represents the fact that these people are at the heart of the issue, and cannot be separated from it, but you can only see/hear what they have to say if you look for it/take the time to listen. It is easy to ignore the quotes, in the same way that it is easy for so many in my town to ignore those living closest to the turbines, but in both cases, it is known that they are there. When open completely, the book structure as seen from above mimics the pattern of spinning wind turbine blades. It also represents the community, with facts, emotions, and multiple layers intensifying as you get closer to the center.